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If people tell you that being a TA, teacher’s aide, is bad because colleges dislike it, ignore them because they probably don’t know what they’re missing out on. If you already have enough credits to graduate when you only take five classes your senior year, why bother trying to take six classes and risk failing that class? TA during your senior year instead of having another boring schedule like you’ve had for the past three years and I guarantee you that your senior year will be lit!

I chose to be TA for math teacher, Mr. Tong, during his 5th period Algebra 2 class because I had him for Pre-Calculus Honors last year and I liked how he would enlighten his classes with funny anecdotes.

The work I have to do as a TA really depends on the day. Mr. Tong may either give me some work to grade or input or he might have nothing for me to do, meaning I can just sit and chill on my phone all day and not worry about  getting in trouble. At the end of the grading period, I get a free “A” for basically not doing anything at all, which is a “steal” for a high school students like me.

In addition to getting a free “A” for the semester, I also  have one less class to worry about and have more time to work on other things, like college apps. When I finish my TA work for the day, I usually have sufficient time to do my homework for other classes or I would work on my UC application so I had a higher chance of turning it in on time. After college apps, I was able to start on scholarship applications too which was a blessing because some of the scholarships I applied were all due in the month of December, and I was able to do most of the application during my TA period.

Being a TA is a great experience in learning what teachers go through every grading period, and allows you to build relationships with them. They might even write you a recommendation letter for colleges or scholarships, which can save you time from asking other teachers to write you one. Most teachers will be grateful that you are there to help towards the end of every grading period and might even reward you for your hard work of keeping their grade books alive.

A stress free period that comes with a free A and other goodies is more than enough for you to sign up for TA your senior year. It is totally better than rotting in another class when you could be having fun and chill year during your last year here at Galileo.


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