An Ongoing Journey

After having lived in Utah, the Netherlands, and a number of other places, senior Madison S. and her family moved to San Francisco, and plan on being here for approximately one year, before moving again. They move around so much because of her dad’s job and because her parents want to give them all the opportunities they can.


Madison feels fortunate to have traveled so much already and to have met a lot of people. “I love travelling. It allows me to experience things most people haven’t and I’ve met incredible people at every place,” she said.


Although moving hasn’t been easy, it has taught her invaluable skills that will always stay with her. She says, “Because I’ve travelled so much, I’ve been able to gain a greater perspective on my own life as well as my interactions with others. I have found that I have a potential to influence everyone I meet for either better or worse.”


She also adds, “I’ve always had a difficult time making friends, but because I’ve had more opportunities to practice, it’s getting easier. Now, I am more able to enter difficult social situations and reach out to others when, before, I would have waited for someone else to talk to me.”


So far Madison is enjoying living in San Francisco. “There are so many different types of people here and an extensive amount of activities around the city,” she says.


Although San Francisco is climbing in her favorite places she’s been, so far the Netherlands is still her favorite. She says, “I love the Netherlands because it became my home so fast. I made some amazing friends. San Francisco is starting to grow on me, but the Netherlands is just an amazing place.”


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