Galileo’s New Co-Athletic Director

Learning the ropes, Mr. Keough is being groomed to replace Mr. Winterling as athletic director at the end of the school year when Mr. Winterling retires. Last year, Mr. Keough was approached about being athletic director last year by former Galileo principal Dr. Reimer, who named Mr. Keough co-athletic director for this year.


According to Mr. Keough, being athletic director is not at easy task. “There are a ton of responsibilities that come along with being Athletic Director. Coach Winterling and I are responsible for making sure all of the teams are well equipped. We have to make sure all the athletic facilities are well maintained and make sure that all sports have full coaching staffs.


He continues, “We also verify student eligibility, coordinate with other schools for competitions, manage budgets, process paperwork for students, coaches, transportation and provide support to all athletic programs.”


Next year, when Mr. Keough takes over as sole athletic director, there are a few things he plans on doing differently. One of  the main things is getting more girls involved in extracurricular activities. “I want to work on ways to have more girls involved in sports. Sports that have low numbers were tennis, cross country, basketball, golf, soccer, and track.”


Another plan he has is getting more freshmen to join sports. “I want to get more students involved in sports early on. I’m hoping to improve on promoting sports at Freshman Orientation and during the first few weeks of the school year. Also, I’d like to make sure more of our student-athletes, especially incoming freshmen, have the academic support they need to be eligible to play.”


Additionally, Mr. Keough wants to reduce the amount of paper that’s being used to record athletes’ information. Currently, all the physical forms, consent forms, and other papers required for athletes to be in their sport, are printed and stored away. He says, “I plan on making things more computer based. There is a lot of paperwork involved in being coach, and athletic director, and I want to make things easier by using Google docs and Google sheets.”


In addition to athletic director, Mr. Keough has been the cross country and track coach for the past 3 years.

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