Longtime ASB Advisor/Teacher Suffers Stroke

Beloved ASB adviser and science teacher Mr.Wing suffered a stroke during Christmas Eve and will not be able to return to Galileo for the entire 2nd semester. Mr. Wing is currently still in the hospital and gradually regaining strength in hopes of coming back to Galileo.

Staff and students alike were devastated to hear the news about Mr. Wing. Chemistry teacher Mr.Grimm said, “I was upset and horrified; however, I’m hopeful that he’ll recover quickly and a surprise.”  ASB President Kayla Lam says, “I was shocked and in disbelief because he was always so energetic so it was unexpected. We all knew that he worked really hard but it’s still shocking because he was healthy and always helped the school whenever.” Art teacher and former senior class officer (1990) Coach Mark says, “I was shocked and worried. The principal sent an email out to the teachers and I called his wife and Mr.Wing emailed back. He sounded a lot better when he emailed back.”

Administrative assistant Ms. Grinnell states, “I cried when I first heard the news: I received a message from his wife and I called her right away. I found out he was fine and so I began planning what would happen during Mr.Wing’s semester absence at Galileo: who would temporarily replace him and how it would work out. As of know, he is in a wheelchair but gradually recovering with the help of occupational and physical therapy. After speaking with him, it seems his spirit to return to Galileo has not been broken.”

In response to the unfortunate event, the question of who will replace Mr.Wing’s position as ASB adviser is still being discussed, with the possibility of no other staff member replacing his position. On the other hand, Ms.Fitch will  substitute for Mr.Wing’s science classes this semester. Ms. Grinell says, “Mr.Wing and I discussed what would happen during his absence at Galileo. I took notes on what would happen during the school year: who would be teaching his classes.”

Mr. Wing’s presence at Galileo will be sorely missed as he has been at Galileo for the last 47 years, and the ASB supervisor for over 30 years. He has also been responsible for helping to plan all of the student assemblies and rallies, raise money for Galileo from the alumni, and awarded with countless awards including the Galileo Sports Hall of Fame.

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