Netflix in Class

Students have always used phones in the classroom, but usually only in small doses; to answer a text or play a quick game. However, some students are taking their phone use even farther, by spending anywhere from 20 minutes to the entire class time on their phone. What are these students doing? Streaming Netflix. Students have started spending a majority of their class time watching Netflix because the lack of cost and  the hours of entertainment it provides.  

One of the reasons students want to stream in class is because they don’t have to waste their own data because the district WiFi permits the use of Netflix. Senior Ethan L. states, “[since the] school WiFi lets me use [Netflix] I watch in class.”  

Galileo students not only watch Netflix in class because it’s free, but also because they’re looking for something to do.  Senior, Anthony M. states, “[I] usually watch Netflix in my easy classes because I have nothing better to do.” Others like Aaron T., states, “school occasionally gets boring, and when it does I watch Netflix.” One other senior, Krupa P., says, “some of my classes are a waste of time.”

Some people may be surprised that students are getting away with watching Netflix because it watching a show or movie is time consuming. How do students  get away with spending so much time in class staring at their phones?  Senior Dominic J. explains, “I sit in the back so no one can really see what I’m doing, and that includes the teacher.” Along with Dominic, Marlene T. adds, “ My teacher doesn’t care, as long as I finish my work and am responsible I can do what I want.” Another Senior, Hedgy B., says that, “I like to hide my phone behind my backpack.”

Teachers are not surprised that so many students are tuning into Netflix during class these days.  Galileo math teacher, Mr. Ring, comments, Phones have become a huge distraction for students, I make my expectations of how phones should be used in class and because phones are a distraction the classroom and their own lives outside the classroom.”



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