Tall Height Brings Problems For Senior

A familiar spectacle in the Galileo hallways is senior Dominic Juliano towering over the masses that traverse the school. His 6’5” frame leaves many in awe and wonder when he passes by other students. Despite the amazement his height brings, his height also brings many negatives to his daily life. 

Everyday Dominic is constantly asked questions regarding his height. Some of the most common questions he is asked is, “how tall are you?” and “do you play basketball?” Dominic often feels annoyed at the fact that people assume things about him without actually knowing him. He says, “the remarks get on my nerves and people don’t seem to understand that I’m asked these questions thousands of times.”

.”Although new people seem to come up to him everyday asking him about his physical appearance, the questions that he gets are not new to him at all. Ever since the fifth grade, when he was already over 5 feet tall, people have been bothering him about his height. He says, “I felt the same back than as I do now. I always felt that my height brought some negative attention and I never thought of it as a gift like some may say it is.”

In addition to constant questions about his height, Dominic has also endures many unwanted remarks from other students. He deals with name-calling and assumptions due to his height. In particular, people tend to bother him the most about the fact that he doesn’t play basketball and that according to others, he is “wasting his potential.” Dominic comments, “it is very rude for others to dictate how my life should go solely based on my height.”

Not only does Dominic receive unwanted verbal comments about his height, but also some physical blows too. Some people assume because he is big, hitting him hurts less than it would someone smaller. He says, “I can’t stand it when people just walk up to me and hit me for no reason. I’m not a metal man.”

Although there are drawbacks to being so tall, Dominic  still finds it helpful to be taller than others in some situations. He is able to reach places where others cannot reach and can easily look over crowds. “My height has brought a lot of annoyances but, in the end, I would still choose to be taller than short like everybody else.”

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