Review: Netflix’s Black Mirror

The Netflix series Black Mirror is a breathtaking and mind-blowing series that keeps you on your toes and make you question what the future might look like.The show portrays how society may exist if technology controls the choices people make. 

The show is a British science fiction series, who’s director, Charlie Brooker, creates terrifying fictional stories about the concept of our modern society, and the consequences technology will have on us. Technology is overpowering and the use of it is sometimes being misused. The show focuses mainly on our increasing dependence on technology.  Even though the series is intended to be entertaining, the director also tries to get a message across to the audience about our high tech world.

As an example, the episode “San Junipero” shows possible technological advances in the world.  In the episode, San Junipero, is a virtual reality where users have the choice to be reborn into a different time period of their choice.  This allows them to enjoy the same perfect city throughout different time periods and live life as if they were 20 years younger than they really are. Unlike past episodes, that can be tormenting, this episode conveys a message of gratitude and appreciation for life, while still embracing a technological device that enables one to redesign a life through relationships and choices. This technology forces the characters  to question both their life & their future.  

Many viewers can relate to the struggles the characters face because technology has become deeply ingrained in our everyday life. Black Mirror makes viewers question the future and the role technology will play in it. Charlie Brooker is a brave and creative director in the way that he challenges the viewers, to question their high tech lifestyle.


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