Galileo Students Find Working at Icicles a Blast

Most of the time, Galileo students can’t be very picky when it comes to the type of work they get. Most will work whatever jobs are available because most high schoolers usually can’t be choosy, since they’re usually just looking for a little extra money. However, Galileo students working at the popular ice cream shop, Icicles, located at Mission and 4th Street, see working as enjoyable, with many benefits coming with the job.   

Working at Icicles isn’t like working at a regular ice cream shop where you just scoop ice cream. Workers use a unique technique to make ice cream for the customer right in front of them. Ingredients such as strawberries and graham crackers are placed onto a cold plate, along with a custard base. The ingredients are then chopped and mixed in with the custard while a creamy liquid slowly turns into a paste. The  paste is then spread evenly on the cold plate. After the ice cream freezes, it is then rolled up and placed in a cup.

What makes Icicles a fun job is the workout and the environment. Senior Jane Wong, who’s worked at Icicles for 4 months, expresses, “I like working at Icicles because everybody gets along and it’s a fun environment, we get to play music we like while we work.” Other workers who attend Galileo say that everyone working at Icicles is like a family and they all get along, which allows tasks to go a lot smoother, improving their performance.

Besides the environment, there are a few other benefits of working at Icicles as well. One thing is getting free ice cream. Trying out all the flavors and making new flavors up is something all the workers do. “When I first started working at Icicles, I would try all the flavors and create my own flavors as well,” says Hannay DIng.

Another benefit is the tips. Good customer service and a great show fascinate customers, and in return the workers get more tips. Being located close to school and in the heart of San Francisco, which makes commuting faster and more convenient, is another perk of the job. Carol Lei, who’s worked at Icicles for 5 months, says, “It’s easy to bus to work after I get off school.”

Despite all of the positives of working at Icicles, there are also some disadvantages. Some drawbacks are the many calluses and hand cramps the workers get. When it gets busy, the workers have to roll the ice cream really fast which causes many cramps.  Workers are always getting asked, “Does your arm hurt?” because of all the mixing and chopping that’s done. Carol, states, “you get used to it, my arms don’t hurt anymore.

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