Engineering Added to Galileo Club Roster

The newest addition to Galileo’s multitude of clubs, the Society of Women Engineers, headed by Ms. Emily Stollmeyer of the physics department, aims to get as many people, not just women, interested in the STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) field as possible.

The club meets every Monday during lunch in room 312. The long term goal for the club is to compete in engineering competitions, but since the club is just starting, right now they are just discussing topics, such as what engineering related scholarships are available and what projects and competitions they may participate in this year. Ms. Stollmeyer stated, “I hope to get a good group of students excited about the STEM field and ultimately to just have a good experience while in the club.”

The club was originally started in the 1950s by Elsie Eaves at the University of Colorado, and now has over 37,000 members to date. UC Berkeley, one of the locations of the club, reached out to many high schools and requested someone to start the club at Galileo as well to get women interested into engineering. Ms. Stollmeyer stepped up and volunteered herself to run the club.

Amanda Altobano, a junior at Galileo, is the president of the club. When asked why she joined the club, she stated, “I joined [the club] because I’m interested in STEM and wanted to expand my interest. Students at Galileo, both men and women, aren’t open to many opportunities, but this club is a comfortable environment for them to learn and grow.”

Ms. Stollmeyer volunteered to be the club sponsor, which includes setting up meetings and teaching the club anything related to math and physics, because  she is passionate about getting students interested in the STEM field. Ms. Stollmeyer encourages everyone to join, even if they believe they are not necessarily good at math.


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