Teachers Adopting Social Media in the Classroom

Students are constantly on social media. Students use it to express their creativity and share their lives with others, but students aren’t the only ones who are starting to see that benefits of using social media. Galileo teachers are realizing the advantages of social media, posting assignments on sites that students are more likely to check.

Among the more popular platforms teachers are using for class are Instagram and Facebook. Teachers use these sites to post updates, homework assignments, and resources for students to use for class, which offers a more convenient way for students to access this information. In addition, some teachers also use these medias to share their interest in a certain subject with their students.

Some teachers have use social media because they know students will check it more often. Ms. Partridge, art and photography teacher, says, “I use Instagram because it is a photo application, which relates to the subject of my class and it is easily accessible for everyone” Similarly, Mr. Chinn uses a Facebook page for his AP Biology class. He says, “A lot of the time, there are last minute announcements that I post on the page because I know most students may not check their emails often.”

However, not all teachers use social media just for assignments or announcements. Physics teacher,  Ms. Stollmeyer, uses Instagram to share her interest in science with her students. “I mostly use it to highlight science news and show the science that I’m actually interested in when I’m not teaching. It’s a way for me to help share my excitement and interest in science (and STEAM) with my students,” she says.

Many students find it useful to have access to updates in their classes through social media. Junior Monica Law says, “It [having teachers use social media] is useful because it creates an easy way for teachers to communicate with the students and vise versa.” Senior, Gunnar Huang adds, “it [makes it]  easier to connect with teachers.”

Although some students find it useful, others think it isn’t really necessary because other sites that offer the same functions. “I feel like Google Classroom is more useful,” says Junior Fannie Giang. Another aspect that may turn students off on the idea of teachers using social media is mixing things in their personal lives with classroom activities. Fannie also says, “some students may find it weird to follow teachers on social media”

Despite the mixed opinions, many teachers have found it to benefit their students which means students may be seeing more and more teachers posting on social media and trying to “add” them.

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