Boys Basketball Recap: Week 3

The Galileo Lions ended the first round of league play at 3-4, in 5th place. Last week the Lions had their first winning streak, losing against Lowell(54-48), but bouncing back with 2 wins against Balboa(57-50) and Academy(82-78).

The Lions came out that game against Lowell on Monday, January 22nd with an intensity like they never had before. Unlike when the Lions lost to Lowell in the preseason by 30 points, the Lions played great defense  team basketball. The Lions lead after each of the first 3 quarters, and at the beginning of  the 4th quarter they lead by as many as 10 points. But the Lions faltered at the end, giving up 3 threes back to back to back, giving the Cardinals the lead and eventually the win. “We played great 3 and a half quarters and we had Lowell playing our game for the most part, but we couldn’t finish,” said junior center Brython Rubio.

Against Balboa, the Lions had 4 players late to the game, on Wednesday, January 24th. Despite not having all their players Galileo played well against the Buccaneers. The Lions needed the win to move into 5th place in their division, and one step closer to securing a playoff spot. The game was close despite Galileo not finishing their fast break opportunities and letting the Buccaneers score easy points against  the Lion’s defense. Even with all the mistakes Galileo forced the Buccaneers into a number of turnovers that allowed the Lions to fight through their mistakes for the win. “We closed out the game with good defense and got a lot of steals and the offense was on point,” said junior center Hamza Majdoub.

Friday’s game featured another  team, the Academy Wolves,  that moved up from division 2 last year,  just like Galileo. While the game  was Galileo’s highest scoring game, with more than 80 points, the Lions also gave more up than they have (78 points) all season. The Lions offensive display can largely be contributed to  junior guard Ryan Huang who was on fire, scoring 31 points,  a season high. “It felt like I was in my own world and glad that I stepped up to win the game for the team,” said junior guard Ryan Huang.


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