Soccer Team struggles for Success

The Galileo Soccer team had hopes coming into the season, but the team will have to figure out a way to turn things around quickly as they are currently in 7th place with a 2-6 record.

One of the biggest issue for the team is missing players because of grades. In particular, junior Erick Sarat has missed the entire season so far. Erick is a “Center Back”, he is seen as one of the most talented players on the Lions roster and the team misses his strength and quickness , as well as his ability to communicate well on the field and motivate other players. Erick is aiming to help the Lions on the field soon. He said, “I’ve been talking to my teachers and hope that I can get on the field by next week.”

Another issue with the team is players trying to do too much on their own. A few players have raised concerns that players on the field don’t trust their teammates and take it upon themselves to try and do it all.  They want their teammates to focus on playing more as a team and not just for themselves. “To be honest here, some of the players on my team hog the ball because they either think they can score for themselves or they just wanna have fun, try to cross people and show off to the fans,” said a player who wished to remain anonymous.

Although the team is currently struggling, some player are still optimistic. Alex states, “well I feel like we had a better squad last year, but we just gotta keep practicing and try our best.” Senior Sergio Sanchez adds, “the strengths of our team is that we have players who are talented enough to play and win some games.”

One reason the team remains positive is the energy that the coaching staff brings. Head coach Marika, who has coached the last 5 years and new assistant coach Noe motivate and push the team to strive for success. Alex says, “Passing, Dribbling, scoring, and defense, the coaches will do anything to make the team win and fight for the playoff spot.”

One big change the soccer team has had to adjust for is switching to a different season. Soccer had always been a spring sport, but starting this year, it is now a winter sport. While this means starting earlier in the school year, it really doesn’t change much for the players. Sergio says, “The only difference between the seasons is the weather we play in and it doesn’t really affect us that much because we play soccer, RAIN or SHINE, so no matter what the weather is, we still play our games.”

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