Update on School Drones

Two years ago, Galileo’s former principal, Dr. Reimer, spent $3,000 on drones in order to capture robust photos and videos of school events. The purchase of these drones were controversial because of Galileo’s tight budget; however, after Principal Reimer’s reassignment, the drone’s location have become a mystery.

Some of the staff at galileopress did some digging and learned that the drones are tucked away in the main office closet. According to Ms. Grinnell, she found the drones their because, “I’m always in the closet, so inevitably I saw it there.”

The inactivity of these drones has renewed doubts over the purchase of the drones. Senior Anthony M. says, “I never thought they were a good idea, they cost too much and serve little use. We could have spent our money on something more valuable.” On the other hand, math teacher, Mr. Keough, felt differently, stating, “I was indifferent about the purchase.”

While students & staff may not agree on Galileo’s investment in the drones, their purchase is final, so this brings up the next question; what’s next for these drones? They serve no use in the closet collecting dust, so, a Galileo senior has proposed a new purpose for them.

Last week, Jason N., a reporter for the galileopress, proposed to Ms. Benau the benefits of allowing students to use these drones. He outlined the rules that students would follow to properly handle them. Ultimately, Jason N. says he hopes, “the drones will enrich Galileo’s media platform with beautiful images, providing a new perspective for students in seeing Galileo and their community from the sky.”

Galileo’s journalism teacher, Mr. Lee also wants to help get more use out of the drones, leading him to agree to supervise the use of them. Mr. Lee states that, “I believe that drones could add a whole ‘nother dimension to Galileo’s news press.”

Along with Mr. Lee, Coach Mark, advisor for the yearbook class, has also agreed to oversee the drones use because he also has high hopes for them. He states, “I want to be able to use them for photos from different angles that we otherwise cannot get. It’ll make journalism and yearbook pictures stand out and look better.”


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