Ms. Sanchez Marches for Equality in New York

For the last 2 years, Galileo senior counselor, Ms. Sanchez, has made a trip to New York to attend the Women’s March in January because it was where the first organized women’s march began, and she feels a connection to the city since she used to live there.

Miss Sanchez has felt compelled to go to New York because she felt as though she needed to be there to be heard. She believes everyone attending the march is representing the future for little girls and equality in general. She says,  “Overall, being a part of the movement sends a big message to our country and the world, and we need to be valued.”

Last year, Ms. Sanchez began planning the trip the moment she heard the march would take place. This year, she received a notice two months prior and booked her flight immediately. Although she has friends in New York, her decision to go was completely on her own, and she stated she would march with or without them.

Ms. Sanchez describes being part of the march in New York as both touching and empowering. Last year, the march started at 11AM and ended at almost 7PM, and started outside the United Nations headquarters and was supposed to end on 5th Ave and 57th Street, but more people kept joining and the march went on.

This year, the march in New York started in the Upper West side near Central Park and ended near Midtown, the same location as last year. Because people congregated at different places throughout the city, Ms. Sanchez is not sure where the march ended, but she was pleased to see a lot more men and children compared to last year. “There were a few quite a few peaceful rallies throughout the city. It was beautiful to watch.”

Ms. Sanchez expressed that it’s been very meaningful to go to New York to attend the march, and she is planning on going back again next year for it next year. “I may not be able to make a policy happen, but I do have a voice. Together we can make change.”

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