ASB struggles without an advisor

The Galileo Associated Student Body was left without an advisor after Mr. Wing unexpectedly suffered a stroke in December.  Without an advisor, they have been limited in the responsibilities they can carry out. They are not able to do things they usually do as part of their jobs; including selling food at the ASB store and organizing school events like assemblies and dances.

One of the main problems for the ASB without an advisor has been the inability to buy and sell food at the ASB store now. “Mr. Wing would usually order the snacks for the ASB store,” says Kayla Lam, ASB President. In his absence, ASB has had to take on the responsibility of ordering all the snacks and drinks for the ASB store without Mr. Wing around to help.

Another issue for the ASB is they cannot access the ASB office without an advisor. Mr. WIng was always around to open the office during lunch and after school, but it is closed now unless there is an adult to supervise. This makes it hard for ASB to access supplies, such as materials for making posters or a place for fundraising activities like selling candy grams and dance tickets.

Not only does his absence limit what the ASB can do physically, but there is also an emotional absence. Kayla said, “We’ve felt incomplete without Mr. Wing. He could always keep us on track and he was the connection between students and teachers.” Jason Ng, the ASB Student Advisory Council representative agrees with this, saying,  “The vibe is different without Mr. Wing. We have to worry about so much more, and it makes our job less enjoyable.”

However, the ASB has been finding ways to make do during Mr. Wing’s absence. One of the first people they went to was last year’s ASB President, Yuyang Zhong, who currently attends UC Berkeley. They reached out to him to find out more information about the contacts they need that usually Mr. Wing would keep track of, such as providers for ASB merchandise, and awards for events like Teacher of the Month and graduation information. They’ve also talked to school counselor, Bai Zhen, who is very involved in ASB, and talked to the administration to help find a temporary advisor to reopen the ASB room to sell snacks.

The ASB is also trying to branch out and try different things they had not when Mr. Wing was here. An example would be Spirit Week, the week of March 5th-9th, leading up to Boat Dance. “We can choose spirit days out of what we usually do so there is a bigger variety,” says Kayla. “We can also plan different rally activities and more school events because the majority of students’ opinions would usually  conflict with what Mr. Wing wanted to do.

For now, the ASB has found a temporary substitute, Ms. Fitch– the sub for Mr. Wing’s Biology and Physiology classes, who is temporarily covering for Mr. Wing’s job as ASB advisor. ASB has reopened during lunch the week of February 5th to sell boat dance tickets with Ms. Fitch supervising the room, but they are not yet able to sell snacks because they have to get the list checked by the administration to follow health regulations.

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