Food Deliveries Offer Students New Options for Lunch

With most students exercising their right to off-campus lunch, it isn’t surprising to see the halls empty during lunch time. Whether it’s going to the corner store, or to Cafe Le, or even to locations in Fisherman’s Wharf, students have many options to choose from. But even with these plentiful locations, students, especially seniors, are slowly exhausting these locations after having eaten there for most of their high school life. In order to combat the boredom of eating the same old food, some Galileo students are turning to food delivery services to widen the variety of places to eat and without the hassle of having to leave school.

Food delivery services works in the same manner as ride sharing. After choosing a specified food, students can set a pickup location, which is commonly the main gate on Francisco Street. However, getting out of class in order to meet the delivery person is constantly a challenge for students. Senior, Haley M., stated, “Getting food through Postmates is a lot easier when you have an easy class. Most people I know just tell their teacher they’re going to the bathroom and put their food in the locker until lunchtime. Im lucky to have a free period where I can order [lunch] in peace.”

With so many choices, it’s hard for students to find exactly what they want. Popular options include Panda Express, Poki Time, and Super Duper. However there are downsides to this, most notably the price. A simple plate of chicken and rice at Cafe Le costs $5, compared to a plate from Panda Express commonly costs $13, which includes a $4 delivery fee. Senior Marlene T. stated, “I’m just getting tired of all these options close to school. So for a little extra money I can get food from basically anywhere in the city.”

Although at times Postmates can be expensive, students believe the benefits outweigh the negatives. Senior Ethan M. says, “I rather pay $15 for something I’m actually going to enjoy than for food that is basic and bland for $10.”

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