Mr. Wing: On the Road to Recovery

With an upbeat spirit, strong mentality, and continued passion for Galileo, Mr. Wing is on the mend from his unexpected stroke on December 24th. While the initial news left Galileo devastated and without an ASB leader, the school has gotten together and demonstrated its support for him in many ways.

Much of the updates the school receives on Mr. Wing is thanks to administrative assistant, Ms. Grinnell.  Ms. Grinnell has constant contact with him. She visits Mr. Wing in a community home in the Mission every week, keeping up his spirits and updating him about Galileo. She says that while Mr. Wing is working hard to regain his prior strength, his mind is as sharp as ever.

Ms. Grinnell states,“[Mr. Wing’s] mental health is very good. He continues to talk about Galileo, school activities and remembers everything.” She adds, “Mr. Wings passion for Galileo persists and he is frustrated because he cannot go back to work for now.”

Along with Ms. Grinnell, many more people from Galileo have been supporting him during this difficult time. ELL teacher Ms. Lourdes, and her students have written him countless cards, along with Galileo’s freshmen, sophomore, junior and senior officers, who have also written him cards. The JROTC has made a poster for Mr. Wing and the Media Arts team also created a video for him. Additionally, a number of the faculty and former students have gone to visit Mr. Wing.

Senior, Inzaley M. had a chance to visit Mr. Wing, along with former students Ashley M. and Yu Yang . She was excited for the opportunity to see how he was doing. She said, “I really wanted to visit Mr. Wing because he’s such a big part of school, his stroke came as a complete surprise to me.”

According to Ms. Grinnell, other very important supporters of Mr. Wing has been his family. His wife and two sons serve a very important role in his recovery, boosting his spirits and always being there for him. He has told her that his family is like his anchor, they keep him strong.

Overall, Mr. Wing continues to make tremendous strides in his recovery, and many people from the Galileo community are making every effort to help, and their message is clear; get better Mr. Wing!

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