Girls Soccer Stays Strong Despite Struggles

Coming in last place in division 1 last season, and with a rough start to this season, the Galileo girls soccer program has been struggling. Despite these difficulties the team has an upbeat attitude and is focused on enjoying the time they have together and improving as a whole, instead of winning games.

A lot of the team attitude comes from their new head coaches. PE teacher, Ms. Thomson & math teacher Mr. Honnef both decided to coach to share their love of soccer with the girls. Coach Thomson came to Galileo after being a student teacher at Washington high school and while she has been an assistant coach before, being a head coach is a new experience for her. Mr. Honnef decided to coach the girls because he knew there was an opening and wanted them to make sure the girls had a coach.

Coach Honnef is proud with how quickly the team is progressing. “The girls are showing a desire to want to improve and I’m proud of all of them,” he said.

Coach Thomson wants the team to know that losing doesn’t mean the end of the world. She says, “My goals as a coach are to both motivate and encourage my athletes to have a growth mindset. Treating each practice and each game as a learning opportunity. I want our focus to be less on results and more on development and having fun as a team! The results we want will just come naturally.”

Senior Parker Jones has certainly adopted this mindset. She says, “I just want to have fun and improve as a team. We aren’t too worried about winning because we believe having fun and growing throughout the season is more important.”

One reason the team has struggled is because the majority of them are  first-year players. Coach Honnef says that, “Even though only 3 or 4 girls are returning from last year and there is a lot of work to do, we just want them to have fun and learn about the games as well as learn some skills.”

While their record may be similar to last season, the players know things are different this year, including a closer team. Senior Emma Kirkpatrick says, “This year the team has better chemistry and works better together than we did last year. The new coaches are definitely helping us get better, they know where our skills need to be improved and how to effectively implement those changes.”

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