A Valentine’s Day Story: Mr. Welch’s Wedding


In the spirit of love on this Valentine’s Day, galileopress wanted to showcase Galileo teacher, Mr. Welch, and his relationship with Ms. Sarah Kochalko, a middle school teacher at Herbert Hoover. The two teachers, who met about 5 years ago while trying to receive their teaching credentials and now both currently teach AVID classes, will be marrying this summer on Treasure Island in San Francisco

The story of their relationship began with snacks. Both Mr. Welch and Ms. Kochalko were in the same class at SF State and the professor wanted students to sign up to bring snacks for the 3 hour long class.  As Mr. Welch recalls, “It was the first day of class so I signed up to bring snacks on a certain day, and she later ended signing up to bring snack on the same day as me.” Mr. Welch did not end up talking to her though until a month later, when he realized she kept bringing snacks on the same day as him

After getting to know Ms. Kochalko better, Mr. Welch realized that the two of them had a lot of similarities. They started conversing more and he decided to ask her on a first date. Their first date ended up being a historical event as Mr. Welch took her to watch the Giants win the World Series, back in 2012. “I thought it would be something that was really fun, and not awkward at the same time,” says Mr. Welch. After the game, they both sat at a bar and chatted for about five hours before heading home; the end of an exciting first date, according to Mr. Welch.

Four years later, Mr. Welch finally decided to propose to Ms. Kochalko. On the rooftop of his apartment, he got down on one knee and asked him to marry her.  He also invited his friends over to his apartment and they all celebrated with cake and balloons after she accepted. “I was really nervous even though I knew that she was going to say ‘yes,’” Mr. Welch said.

Being an advisor for the Class of 2018 has also helped Mr. Welch prepare for his wedding. He has felt really comfortable planning the wedding since he has experience planning big events, like the Class of 2018’s prom.

Unfortunately, Mr. Welch cannot invite Galileo students since he cannot afford to host them. He says, “I wish I could invite all my students but I’m too poor to, I’ve only invited very close friends and family.”


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