Korean Dramas Gain Popularity Throughout Galileo

While it’s common to hear about Galileo students binge watching a show or two over the weekend, another type of show is consuming the free time of Galileo students. Korean dramas are becoming more and more popular among Galileo students for a number of reasons.

One main reason Korean dramas are often viewed by Galileo students is the increased interest in Korean culture. Junior Helen Huang, who watches about an hour of Korean dramas a day, says “I got influence by my sister for watching korean dramas. I like watching it because of their language, culture, and food.”

Korean culture appeals to international fans because of the food, bowing when introducing their self, appearance, and etc.

While learning about the culture is important to some viewers, the attractive actors/actresses is another plus. Junior Milly Dong says, “I like watching it because of my interest in their language, culture, food, and most importantly the main guy character that’s in it.”

Another appeal of Korean Dramas appeal is dramatic but realistic storylines from the shows, which only has 1 season of each show, and also  subtitles to reach out to all the international fans. Avid watcher, Junior Rachel Auyeung, who will watch Korean dramas for 4-6 hours at a time, says “I like watching it because it is more interesting than other shows and gives more emotion than American shows.”

Korean dramas mostly admired by many teenagers because of their vocabulary stretch (adapt to certain Korean words that is used commonly), additive properties (emotional connections with viewers), food, and etc.

Some of the most popular Korean dramas from 2017 include; Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, Weightlifting Fairy: Kim Bok Joo, Fight For My Way, Scarlet Heart, and Hwarang. Students usually stream these shows from websites such as Dramafever and Viki.

Junior Kevin Wen says “I watch korean dramas for entertaining. I like watching it because it was enjoyable. It’s enjoyable because of the suspense. Each day I watched around like 30 minute of it.”

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