Trending Now: Black Panther

The latest installment from Marvel Cinematic Studios, Black Panther, was released on February 16th. The movie  has set a number of box office records since its opening weekend, including;  smallest second weekend drop for a Marvel Cinematic movie, second best hold for a 200+ million opener, and second fastest to 350 million in North America. As of right now, Black Panther has currently made $476.6 million.

The movie focuses on Afrofuturism, the idea of African American culture equipped with technology, as it shows the fictional country of Wakanda having many advanced technology that the rest of the world does not have.

Much of the hype surrounding the movie centers on the fact that this is the first Marvel superhero movie ever made with majority of the cast being people of color. The movie also depicts women as fearless warriors and scientists that drive Wakanda forward. Many aspects of African culture are shown by the character’s clothing and jewelry. In terms of the cast, Michael B Jordan who plays Killmonger, people cannot stop talking about how attractive he is in the movie.

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