A Look at Galileo’s Pathways and Academies

Galileo offers 3 academies and 3 pathways for students who are interested in learning about a particular field or want hands on experience.  

Biotechnology Pathway

  • Who should join? Anyone who wants to make the world a better place using science
  • What is biotechnology? It is using biology, microbiology to be exact, to create products that will better our society.
  • Who can join? Any Juniors and Seniors
  • Who should you see? Mr. Statham in room 103


Media Arts Pathway (since 2004 as part of academy of information technology and split into computer science and media arts in 2008)

  • Who should join? Anyone interested in doing video and web design
  • What is this class about? Filming and editing videos in a hands-on environment  
  • What are some benefits of joining this pathway? Students who take both years of Media Arts will earn 3 college credits
  • Who can join? You can start in any grade after 9th
  • Who should you see? Mr. Machtay in room 101


Start-Up! Entrepreneurship Academy


  • Who should join? Students interested in cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset. This Academy will give students the opportunity to be the next generation of change-makers and leaders that our society needs to meet the challenges ahead.
  • What is this academy about? This academy will teach you how to be a boss, manage a company, create ideas, and make innovations
  • Who can join? Available for juniors and seniors
  • Who should you see? Mr. Seligson in room 463


Computer Science Academy since 04 and split in 08

  • What is this class about? The class teaches students about  computers, from the one in your pocket to the one at your house, work; everyone has a computer, why not learn how it works? You’ll learn about applications on your phone and how the software interacts with the hardware.
  • Who can join? There are classes for every grade level.
  • Who should you see? Mr. Tan in room 102


Health Academy 2000 (with a paid internship program since 2004)

  • Who should join? Students interested in health issues or in a health career
  • What are some benefits of joining? Once a week, students will visit the health academy’s partner hospital
    • Students will also take city college courses, which will not only give them college credit, but also more high school credits
  • Who can join? This academy is for juniors and seniors, with the  expectation that students take both years of the academy
  • Who should you see? Mr. McDowell in room 105


Environmental Science Pathway since 2000

  • Who should join? Students who want to have weekly field trips, participate in internships, collaborate with professional scientists, and more
  • What are some benefits? Students will receive 5 extra high school credits, 1-2 college credits through CCSF and opportunities to apply for internships.
  • What is required to join? This class requires a passing grade in biology.
  • Who can join? Available for juniors and seniors
  • Who should you see? Ms. Franzen in room 108


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