Baseball Recap week 1

Week 1 was tough for the Galileo Baseball team, putting up the worst standings in the league. The Galileo Lions went 0-3 to start off the season. The Lions lost to the Washington Eagles (2-7), Lost to Balboa (11-15), and lost to Lincoln (10-0).

The Lions had their first game against the Washington Eagles on March 1st of 2018. The Lions came out confident, taking an early lead scoring 2 runs on 2 doubles by the Junior catcher/pitcher Brandon Chhith and the senior third-baseman/pitcher Niko Kashima. However the Eagles would attack back in the 4th inning scoring a 3-run triple, and then scored 4 more runs in the 5 and 6th inning on pitches that were given up from errors and mistakes. Niko Kashima said,”I mean we were actually having a pretty good battle for the first 2 innings and we just didn’t have the right mindset in the later innings”.

On Wednesday of March 7th 2018, the Lions came out with the mindset to get on the winning track while scoring runs to give themselves a confidence boost. The Lions did just that, scoring 11 runs in the first 4 innings. While it seemed like the Lions would be able to cruise to a win, in the bottom of the 4th inning, the Buccaneers would strike back with 4 runs in one inning. The next innings were able to get 2 outs, but Lions kept hitting and walking batters, leading to another Buccaneer rally. The Buccaneers ended up scoring 14 runs in 3 innings and coming back to beat the Lions (11-15). Cameron wong said, “I don’t want to talk about it”.

While the Lions had an offensive explosion, scoring 11 runs against Balboa, on Thursday March 8th, the Lions had an offensive drought. The Lions face the Lincoln Mustangs and a tough pitcher, throwing with power and focus. The Lions couldn’t muster any hit off of him, producing only weak grounders and fly balls. The only hit they had got was from freshman Kenneth Wong, who picked up his first career base-hit as a varsity baseball player. Kenneth Wong said, “I am actually pretty proud of myself because while these guys were struggling I was the only batter who got a hit”.

*Feature image by R. Schnitzer

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