Boat Dance Competes for Appeal

DRESS TO IMPRESS! Galileo seniors take time for a group photo at the Boat Dance.

Galileo’s Boat Dance, “Cruisin’ to Paradise” held on March 3rd, fulfilled the expectations of the Class of 2019, who hosted the dance, with over 300 tickets sold. While the amount of tickets sold was close to capacity, some students were chose not to attend the dance still based on a few different factors.


Students had a number of reasons for not attending the dance, both this year and in general. Senior Kevin Huang spoke for himself and many others, as he cited his main reason for not going  was the dance conflicted with other events, namely the Steve Aoki concert which took place the same night. “I feel like Galileo shouldn’t have scheduled the dance on the same night as such a big concert. I think scheduling it for a different night would have led to a lot more people going because I know tons of people that are going to the Aoki concert instead of Boat Dance.”

Another senior, Tyler Lee, who also attended the Aoki concert, alluded to experiences at past Boat Dances being one of the main reasons he chose the concert over the dance. “I decided to attend the concert instead because last year’s Boat Dance was kind of boring and the music sucked. Another reason was that a lot of my friends were going to the concert, and I felt I would have a better time at the concert because my friends would be there.”

Senior Joenna Situ concurred with Tyler’s opinion of boat dance, citing the music and the people as her own reasons for not wanting to attend this year’s dance. “Last year, the music wasn’t really up to par with what I expected and the people were a little boring and irritable, so I decided to just skip the dance this year.”

Junior Max Miles also expressed reservations about going to the dance because of  the cost of a ticket. “$30 is too much to spend on a dance, in my opinion. That’s about $30 more than I can afford to spend. If it was free, I would go,” he said.

Some students seemed to be looking for an excuse for not going, such as senior Aaron Tsai, who expressed his disappointment at the type of boat the dance was hosted on. “The boats that they usually use just aren’t appealing to me. I’d be much more interested if the dance was on a yacht instead.”

While students had multiple reasons for not attending, many who were present felt that a number of issues plagued the event, ruining the night for some. Senior David Lozada, expressed his disdain for the music played. He said, “The DJ could’ve chosen much better songs. He also played the entire songs instead of mixing the songs together, which brought the energy down. The chaperones also played a part in bringing the energy down as they were always way too close.”

Senior Christian Aquino also spoke out against the invasiveness of the staff, saying,. “It was kind of annoying how every time we made a circle or grouped up, one of the staff would always break it up and try to see what was going on.”

However, some students who attended the dance did have positive things to say about the event. Senior Ethan Lee praised the event as a whole, saying “The music was good, the people were fun, and it was just overall a great time.”

Another senior who attended the dance, Kelly Dare, also had many positive things to say. “The atmosphere was fun and I got to spend the night with my best friends and my boyfriend.”

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