Former Teacher Returns to Galileo

After teaching at Galileo for 7 years, social studies teacher Ms. Loan Ly left teaching to open a Vietnamese cafe, but 2 years later, she is back at Galileo for the spring semester, teaching ELD. Ms. Ly came back to Galileo because she really loves the school, a graduate in 2000, and teaching is her passion, especially the students at Galileo.

Ms. Ly believed it was a good time to come back to Galileo while her cafe, Soapbox, is closed, due to a city mandated soft story retrofit. While she is planning to open the store back during summer, she is still unsure of whether she will come back to teaching at all next fall.

Ms. Ly was able to come back to Galileo for the spring semester when Ms. Golotta decided to retire. Some of things she looked forward to about coming back to Galileo was seeing all of her former teachers that were here when she was a student. She says, “When coming back to Galileo, I’m always very excited because it always like coming home.”

While she’s been busy with the cafe, she’s missed interacting with other teachers because she doesn’t know many people that she can talk to that also own a coffee shop. Ms. Ly believes there are a lot of awesome teachers and students that makes school a wonderful place to be.

While she was a student at Galileo, she were involved in many different extracular activities, including the soccer team, student government, and communities based organization.

While Ms. Ly is happy to be back at Galileo, she does miss certain aspects of the cafe. She says, “I don’t miss running the business, I just miss the creative things that I got to do like coming up with new recipes.”

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