Galileo Hosts World Party

The World Party is a free event that Galileo hosts to celebrate the school’s diverse culture with food and performances. It will take place Thursday night on March 22, running from 5:30 to 7:30. Students and staff will come together to put on performances for families who do not experience Galileo very much, and to get these families involved as a community.

The event itself is organized as a joint collaboration between Bai Zhen, PTSA, Peer Resource, where they worked together to buy food, fundraise, and promote the event. The performances will feature performances from the school’s annual Talent Show, bringing together both assemblies to offer families an opportunity to see the Talent Show as well as a way for students to express and showcase their culture in front of a wider audience.

Organizer Bai Zhen spoke on the diversity of the groups and individuals performing, saying,

“It’s a way to unite people and show the school’s diversity. Even if we can’t represent every single group on campus, we try to offer them all the opportunity to perform. Whoever wants to perform, can.”

One performer, Kris Zhou expressed his bittersweet feelings towards performing at the World Party.

“I’m both sad and happy about performing this year. Sad because I’m graduating and it’ll be the last time that I get to perform but happy because I’m getting the chance to perform at all.”

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