AVID at Galileo Showcased

Teachers, counselors and principals from all over the SFUSD came to the  AVID Showcase at Galileo, to see how Galileo runs their AVID program and learn how to further improve their on programs on Thursday March 15th. Galileo was chosen to host the showcase because of the fact that it has the longest and most established AVID program in the district, and is one of the only highly certified school sites. Galileo started its AVID program in 1992.

Those who came to the showcase were taken around Galileo to visit both AVID classrooms and academic classes that use AVID strategies. There were also panels where Galileo students and teachers shared their experiences of being in AVID and what they learned through being part of the program.

Senior Basel R. described being part of the panel as special. He says, “Being a part of that panel made me feel like I accomplished something. It made me feel special, really.” Senior Kevin L. agreed, saying, “I enjoyed being a part of that panel. I feel like I helped improve the AVID programs of many schools around the city and hopefully helped break the stigma that AVID isn’t helpful.”

Visitors who came to the showcase really enjoyed what they saw from the Galileo AVID program. Ms. Whittaker, an English teacher at Roosevelt Middle School, said, “I’m really impressed by Galileo and the Students. We had some AVID students on a panel and it was really inspiring to hear about these students and their college application process. It was really neat to hear that students are benefiting from the AVID program.”

“Every time I have an AVID related activity or meeting, I get a refresher. Because I teach at a middle school level, I get to see how students are in high school and sometimes even college. It’s always a refresher,” said Mr. Ladera, a teacher at Aptos Middle School.

Galileo’s AVID site coordinator, Ms. Marshman, who also coordinated the event, was satisfied with how the event went. She says, “For the first time that this event happens, it went really well. Of course, there’s always room for improvement. I wish there had been more time for everyone to to talk and ask their questions. There were a lot of people there and they all had very good questions.”


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