Challenge Series: A Week Without Makeup

The Galileo Journalism staff recently embarked on individual challenges meant to push their boundaries and lead to improvement. Each challenge lasted between one to two weeks and was meant to evoke some self realization. Here are their stories.

I’m not one to do a full face of makeup everyday for school, but I do fill in my eyebrows and wear false lashes on a daily basis on school days. Doing my eye makeup has been a part of my routine since sophomore year. All of my friends started getting into makeup around that time so of course I tried it out as well.

Makeup is one of those things where you can’t stop after you start. I have been waking up 10-20 minutes earlier than usual everyday since sophomore year in order to do my makeup in the morning.  Although it doesn’t make that much of a difference, it has always given me a sense of confidence.

Last week, I went without makeup for 7 days, from Friday to Thursday. I picked this challenge because I felt like this would have the biggest impact on me and I knew that it would also be some sort of struggle which would push me to get out of my comfort zone.

During the first couple of days, I really missed doing my eye makeup. My face felt really bare and naked, which made me feel incomplete. I also felt like everyone was staring at me. By cutting a part of my routine out, it made me feel like I was missing something. A few of my friends noticed and asked me if I wasn’t wearing any makeup.

However I asked a couple of my other friends if they noticed that I stopped doing my makeup and most of them said that they did not even realize. Having them not notice that I didn’t have any makeup made me realize that I didn’t need makeup to make me feel the same.

The rest if the week went by like a breeze. It has become more of a regular routine to not wear makeup everyday, and I have saved so much sleep in the early mornings.

I feel like the change overall has been more mental than physical. Throughout the whole process I have gained more self confidence in my natural beauty and have stepped out of my comfort zone. I am more comfortable with going out without makeup now. I have been starting to go to school without makeup almost everyday now. Honestly I don’t even remember that I have no makeup on anymore because I have gotten so used to it. Now I am finally content in my own skin.

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