Volunteer Coach Leads Lions Baseball Team

Galileo’s varsity baseball team has made a change in head coach, in order to put the program in a better position. Coach Nakia Kashima or Coach Kash for short was originally a volunteer assistant coach, but  transitioned to volunteer head coach after the hired head coach, Nathan Cox, wanted to concentrate strictly on developing the Frosh-Soph Program.

While this is Coach Kash’s first time as a varsity head coach, he brings years of baseball knowledge and experience with him. “I have coached baseball since 2009, starting with SFLL little league and non-competitive Fall Ball. My first Head Coaching Job for a real season was 2012 also in SFLL(San Francisco Little League), we went to the championship as unsung heroes. After that season I managed and coached Travel Ball Teams, until 2017,” says Coach Kash, talking about his baseball experience.

While he has a lot of experience on the field, Coach Kash has had to learn a lot about some of the other responsibilities of being a varsity head coach, but overall has enjoyed the experience so far. He said, “I feel great about taking over the team as head coach. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes. Scheduling Non-League Games, Co-ordinating transportation, distributing uniforms etc…..I had to figure much of it out on my own.”

Besides just all the time he’s put in, Coach Kash has also had to use his money to help the team. He took over the team which had zero budget after last year’s coach from spent it all. All of the equipment was purchased with money out of his own pocket. ”I bought bats, helmets, jackets, hats , cleats, t-shirts. I will never be compensated for that or my time, but it all worth it,” said Coach Kash.

The players have all rallied around Coach Kash becoming head coach and enjoy playing for him. Senior pitcher Jack Dietz said, “He brings a positive attitude and a family like structure.”Senior shortstop adds, “He motivates us to become better baseball players when we make mistakes.” Senior center fielder Cameron Wong says, “He is always looking to help us improve in all parts of our game.” Cameron Wong Senior CF

Coach Kash is happy the players are responding well to him and isn’t concerned about the team’s overall record but is focusing on other things instead. He says, “In the end, it’s not about winning or losing. It’s about teaching in life to work as a team, give your 100% to the team, sacrifice for your team. Wherever you go in life you have to be a good team member. It’s not what I can do for myself, it’s what I can do to help others and hopefully they learn to give back in return.”


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