Challenge Series: Dressing Up Professionally

Over the last few years I’ve had the opportunity to visit professional working environments, like th

e state legislators, which has really influenced me on thinking about wearing professionalism attire because I think it

makes you look better and it makes other people happy to see a student dressing for success. Dressing up like a professional person can also influence a person to try to act more maturely.

With all that said, my challenge was to dress professionally at school for a whole week to see whether or not I would be committed to it. In the end, it was pretty easy for me to change to from dressing like a regular high sch

ool student to dressing up like a professional worker.

The first thing I did before the week was set-up everything that I was going to wear for the week, which


had me on focusing on only wearing dress shirts. The first day dressing up was a blue button shirt and a tie, with black pants. I cheated on the shoes however and wore some black and gold Jordans.

The day started off great when I arrived to school because I received lots of compliments. like, “Hi B

randon you’re looking really nice today, what’s the occasion?” Hearing a number of people with so many nice compliments made me want to wear professional clothes even more.

As the week went by, I didn’t really mind wearing my dress shirts, it became a day to day thing for me. On the other side, I don’t know how much I will have to pay for it because when I search some suits online, they were at least about $1000 or higher. It made me want to do better in school and also want to be more professional about myself and not be some immature kid that disturbs the class.

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