Lions Pursue Boys’ Volleyball Championship

Galileo’s boys volleyball team has always been on top, consistently doing well, however the championship title has managed to elude them for the last four years. With a new coach this season, and a new roster, it leaves the question, will this be the year they win?

Four year returning senior, Jason L., states, “Our team has always been very consistent, we’ve just been unfortunate in a few losses close to the end of each season. My freshmen year, we made it to playoffs, sophomore year we barely missed playoffs and junior year we made it to the championship, but unfortunately lost to Lincoln.”

Hoping to help the team get to the next level is new head coach, Alan Tse, a former Galileo student and volleyball player. Graduating in 2012, Coach Alan played on the volleyball team all four years and was an all city player because of his versatility and ability to play any position, according to Coach Mark.

Coach Alan is looking forward to his new position as head coach, saying, “Being head coach for the first time is both stressful and rewarding. Both feelings come from trying to find solutions to our problems, whether it be something specific like serve receive, or something more nebulous, like team chemistry.”

Coach Alan is also looking to make sure the physical health of the players is taken care of. He says,  “This season I hope to begin building a program that promotes enjoying volleyball in a sustainable way. Volleyball is an explosive sport that is physically demanding, so health is a primary concern of mine.”

Players are supportive of their new coach. Jason L. says, “[Alan Tse] brings another dynamic to the team, he’s been doing a good job and I’m hoping we win this year.”

For a lot of players, they have lofty expectations of the team and themselves this season. Senior Andy Liu states, “My expectation this year is for the team to be able to compete against any team. My personal goal is to work harder and have fun on the court.” Galileo Junior, Ryan H., adds, “I’m hoping to get a championship this year.”

One major problem for every team is losing experienced seniors every new season. The loss of veterans is impactful of course, as Coach Alan states, “Losing a lot of seniors did impact the team. However, this situation also presents new opportunities for players who are ready to step up. New team, new coach – it is exciting to see where we will go.”




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