Challenge Series: Push ups and Sit ups

When the school year first started, in order to prepare for my basketball season, I did push ups almost every night, but when the season started in September I stopped doing them. After the season ended, I wanted to get back to doing push ups again so I took on this challenge because I needed to get in shape.

For the last 2 weeks I did push ups and sit ups.  On the first day, I started with 50 push ups and I had to do 5 more everyday so after 2 weeks I ended up doing 120 push ups. And for sit ups I started off with 100 and added 20 more after a week, in 2 weeks I ended up with doing 140 sit ups.

In the beginning was where I was struggling, I was not used to doing push ups and sit ups everyday. So the first day of my challenge was probably the hardest out of all the days, I tried to do 20 reps of push ups but when I got to around 15 push ups, my arms gave out. So I rested for about 3 minutes and finished 5 more to complete the set of 20.

Sit ups was a little easier than push ups, but when I got 55 sit ups my stomach started cramping so I stopped and went to get water, but I knew I needed this to get in shape so I pushed myself to do it.

As the week went by I decided to do less reps but more sets, like sets of 15 instead of 20 and it got easier for me by doing that.  Towards the end of the week I noticed some changes, working out at night helped me sleep better and in the morning, I had more energy to make myself get out of bed, but at the same time after a week my chest was sore due to the push ups. I also used sleeping around 1 AM, but from making myself workout at 10-11, I could sleep right after and I could get more sleep than before.

What I learned from this challenge is that it takes discipline to make yourself do push ups and sit ups everyday for two weeks. I’ve learned how important it is to be in shape and to work out. It boosted my energy throughout the days .

Even my dad noticed that I could make myself wake up on time to go to school, which surprised him  because I’m usually late to school because I can’t get out of bed.

I’m hoping to continue my routine of push ups and si ups because doing this challenge for the past 2 week, it has boosted my energy in the day, helped me sleep, and helped me get in shape. I learned to be discipline too, and make myself do it and for that reason I feel like it will help me in my everyday life too.

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