Challenge Series: Stop Eating Out

Eating out has become a daily occurrence ever since track season began. The hunger had become too much to hold back until I arrived home so the need to eat out had become an addiction.


I decided to give up eating out for a week after I realized that I have been wasting a lot of money on going out to eat. I was probably averaging about $60 a week and as my wallet had gotten lighter, I felt like I had gotten heavier. It had become a part of my daily life and took over my eating habits, I didn’t have the discipline to wait until I reached home. I knew I had to take on this challenge to better my lifestyle.


Typically my daily food schedule went from eating at 8:20, 12:30, 5:30, and 7:00 to eating at 8:20 and 7:00. I would eat at 8:20 because I don’t eat breakfast before I go to school and just eat the lunch that I bring from my house. Lunch and after school were meals I would go out and eat, and my 7:00 meal is the normal dinner.


The main thing that made the challenge difficult was the wait. Omitting 2 meals from my typical school day was extremely painful for my stomach. The wait killed me everyday and everyone I sit next to would hear me complaining about hunger everyday.


Another thing that made the challenge difficult was the constant asking from others to go out to eat. I would not want to say no but I also would not want to fail the challenge that I promised I would complete. When faced with those questions I just promised them that I would eat another day.


During the week, my mind could not focus on school when all that was on my mind was food and my rumbling stomach. . My mind could not focus on the work at all. Every attempt to try to do work was met with distractions made by my mind about food or other random things. I noticed that I became a lot lazier and less willing to workout whenever I was hungry.


To push past those distractions, I grew more tolerant of them over time and soon they became non-existent. By the end of the week, I saw that my tolerance for the wait had grown. It took the entire 7 days of the challenge to grow the tolerance but now I am able to use that tolerance in my daily life again. The reason why my body did not freak out from the input of a huge wait was because when I was little, I used to eat only one meal on some days.


I learned that I am able to grow high tolerances for things that I do not like doing. I can use this to push through my future challenges now that I know I can do anything that seems difficult initially. I would do this challenge again some day to push myself to become better.

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