Challenge series: Bringing Food to School Everyday

The Galileo Journalism staff recently embarked on individual challenges meant to push their boundaries and lead to improvement. Each challenge lasted between one to two weeks and was meant to evoke some self realization. Here are their stories.

When it comes to eating during school days, I usually end up starving myself from breakfast to lunch in order to save money. Although I do receive free school lunch, the portions that they give is merely enough for me to call it a snack. Not willing to spend money during the weekdays means that all I can do is just sit there in class and pray that my stomach doesn’t growl all day long. So when the challenge series was introduced in our journalism class, I decided to tackle it by bringing food everyday to school in order to combat my mid morning starvation.

I chose this challenge because I wanted to see what changes I would make if I didn’t cry and starve everyday like I still do now. I wake up very early to commute to school which leaves me with barely any time to prep a really hearty and filling lunch. This also does not allow me to prep a good breakfast which leads to me starving during 3rd and 4th period.

I felt that although bringing some food  may break my weekly budgets that I usually set every week, at least I will be less hungry and more willing to cooperate because I am the type of person that get really angry when I am hungry (aka hangry). I also took on this challenge to see if there was any improvement in learning when I am not on an empty stomach. And so it began.

I started this challenge on Monday. Before school had started, I headed out to buy a sandwich so I would not starve during the middle of the morning. This really hit my budget hard as I only had $20 to spend throughout the whole week and the sandwich costly me $7 leaving me with only $13 for the rest of the week. My wallet was shedding tears. On Tuesday, I searched my house for snacks that I could easily take to school and eat during class. I ended up eating some taro chips and popcorn during 4th period. On Wednesday, I was able to feed myself really well with leftovers from a feast that I cooked last night. I had a nice fillet of salmon alongside some asparagus and roasted potatoes drizzled with lemon juice. Little that I knew that was going to be the best meal I’ve ever brought to class this whole week. Thursday marked a really bad day for me since I was running very late to class which caused me to not have any food to eat during class. I was very depressed as all I could think about was food. It drove me away from focusing in class and  next thing you know I was ready to knockout in the middle of class. Thank god lunch saved me after 4th period as there was a burrito waiting to be eaten. Friday was the last day that I participated in this challenge so I decided to go big in 3rd period by buying a large sandwich and devour it by 4th period and there was the end of a 5 day experiment.

Looking back at that week, I noticed that I functioned better when I was fed well. I started staying awake more in those morning classes. My stomach would stop growling often which meant I was less hangry. People noticed when I was eating in class and gave responses like “WHAAAAT! You actually have food for once!”. Having snacks between breakfast and lunch saved my dying stomach and I hope I can continue this much longer.

Overall, I learned that I need to be less lazy and actually try to feed myself. Even though it’s hard for me to actually cook in a short amount of time. I could invest my time in meal prepping during the night before or just keep spending my money on sandwiches and bagels. Either way the benefits are worth it since I am better focused and have the energy to go out of my way to accomplish tasks I’d normally ignore.

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