Lion Whisper: Things Athletes do after a Win

Divya P. 11th grade (flag football)

“We like to talk about how good we did, we go out and eat. We usually talk about what we can do better for the next game.”







Annie W. 12th grade (basketball)

“We celebrate our win in the locker room and if we won in our home court, we like going to In N Out and eat.”







Terry Z. 10th grade (cheer)

“We take pictures, congratulate how great each other did, and we go to wingstop after.”







Robby L. 10th grade (basketball)

“We go out and eat and chill at fast food restaurants.”







Zayru H. 11th grade (football)

” We go out and eat and after we decide to go to one of our teammates house to play either Fortnite or Madden”







Kevin S. 12th grade (track)

“We go out and eat after getting to the restaurant we sit and talk about how we slow we are and how we should we should’ve done better.”

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