Photography Assignment Highlights Galileo Damage

“Galileo is Falling Apart” is the title of senior photography student, Skyler Rodger’s project, where students create a series of photos based on a chosen theme for Ms. Partidge’s photography class. Skyler’s inspiration for the project stemmed from things he has noticed throughout his time at Galileo that have never been fixed. In doing the project, Skyler is hoping to use the project as more of a letter to the administration that many things are not fixed around the school.

According to Ms. Partridge, the instructions for the project are to take a picture everyday of something with a certain theme. Students then post their projects on Instagram. The students were able to switch their theme for the second semester, “Skyler switched his from cats to things falling apart at Galileo,” said Ms. Partridge

Skyler now walks around the school looking for something that is either dirty, broken, or in disrepair and takes a picture of it. Many of his posts are showing large paint chips in the walls of classrooms and missing chunks of walls around school. Skyler says, “It can be pieces of the wall falling off, peeling paint, cracked walls, these thing inspired me to document it and take pictures.”  

Skyler also shows how damage around the school gets worse over time, even with a week. “He [Skyler] is also taking pictures over time to show how something can be small and made worse by students,” said Ms. Partridge.

Besides wanting to bring awareness to the things falling apart at Galileo, Skyler simply thought it would be an interesting subject for his project. It  has brought attention to small details within the school and encouraged people to look around.

Skyler started the project on January 16th and has posted on his Instagram each day since; he plans on posting everyday until the end of school. If you are interested in seeing Skyler’s project you can find it on Instagram – @photo1_skyler


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