What Happened to Promposals?

Going into high school, the big thing everyone looked forward to was prom, and of course, promposals. During my freshman and sophomore years, promposals was the way to ask a person to prom. When I became an upperclassman I looked forward to seeing and discussing with friends all the promposals for people I hung out with, maybe even receiving a promposal myself. But something happened. While there were so many promposals a few years back, promposals have become more rare. Where did all the promposals go?

When I say promposal, I’m talking about when people go out of their way to ask someone to be their date, whether its with posters, or flowers, or anything that is more than just the question. It can an elaborately staged request to be someone’s prom date. I have seen people ask with boba, posters, balloons, flowers, undies, makeup, dogs, etc. Guys and girls would come up with creative phrases and put it on a poster.

In my freshman and sophomore year, I remember seeing around at least 10 promposals in the courtyard each year. Last year, there were only about 5 promposals. I’ve heard of some promposals that have happened the last two weeks, but nothing compared to what we’ve seen in  previous years.

In my classes this year, I’ve heard some of my classmates say how promposals are “too much work” and “dumb”. I also asked a number of seniors why they aren’t going to plan a promposal and they have a number of different reasons. Senior Aaron Tsai says that he doesn’t think a huge promposal is necessary if you’re just asking a friend to prom. Senior Sabri Kuc said  promposals aren’t that popular anymore because people are scared of being rejected in front of a lot of people.

Seniors Hannay Ding and Marlene Tran believe boys are lame and lazy.  Hannay also added that she would never be the one to ask someone to prom because she is awkward when it comes to approaching others.Other seniors, who are going to prom with their significant other, dont think its necessary to go out of their way to ask since they are already ‘together’.

In my sophomore year, I was dating a senior and I got asked with a promposal. Even though we were already together, it was still thoughtful and sweet that he wet out of his way to ask me to prom. I also knew other couples who went out of their way to ask the other person to prom. I recall some of the guys competing to make the ‘best’ promposal that year because promposals were a big deal. Go big or go home right?

I know promposals aren’t dead. Some I’ve already seen a few on Instagram from Galileo students. But compared to a few years ago, I think that a lot of the senior boys just aren’t that sweet, and most of them dont think its worth the time to go out of their way to get a date. And that’s a shame.

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