My Frustration with UCI

During the fall of 2017, as I was applying to colleges, my sight were sent on UC Irvine. Out of all the other UC’s, Irvine was my top choice. After doing researching Irvine’s campus looked friendly and appealing, and pharmaceutical program looked great compared to other UCs.

Although I was hopeful to attend Irvine, I also applied to numerous other schools as filler schools: I didn’t want to attend the other schools but applied for them anyway because my family wanted me to.

In March, I started to hear back from the other schools. Unfortunately all of them handed me either rejections or defers. I wasn’t sad, but a bit surprised that I wasn’t accepted into at least two UCs. I had always thought that getting into certain UCs were not as hard as others, but, I still remained hopeful to get into UC Irvine. However as time went on, I was getting more anxious because some of my friends had already heard from UC Irvine back in February.

On March 26, 2018, 9:27 AM, I finally received an email from UC Irvine, informing me  that I had been admitted into their school. I was ecstatic, all the months of waiting, hoping, and praying (I’m not even religious), finally paid off.  

Still in my euphoria, I went to check my UC Irvine portal for any updates on housing and financial aid, but there were no updates. On the UCI portal, the same thing was said before anyone is admitted: my status remained undecided. I was confused and began to worry. I repeatedly checked the acceptance email to see if it was fake but after comparing it with my friend’s acceptance it seemed real.

For two days, I walked around believing that I had been accepted, feeling like a dream had come true. But in the back of my mind I still had a nagging worry that it was fake or something went wrong with their system, because every time I checked my portal it still was not updated.

In the afternoon of March 28 my portal finally updated. My heart sank when I read the phrase, “Thank you for applying”. I had been rejected. Although I was disappointed, somehow I remained calm, but the more I thought about it, I grew annoyed and angry because I felt like I had been lead on.

The next day, I told my counselor what had happened and was told that contacting the admissions office was a priority. I contacted the office and they told me that what is on my UCI portal is official, and that the original email I received meant nothing. After that phone call, I was furious and distraught. I had never been so angry and dismal in my life; I felt sick and just wanted to break everything in my home. I never thought something like college acceptances would ever make me so heartbroken, apparently it can.

A week later, as I was recovering from the trauma, I received another email from UCI Admissions; but this time it began with “Dear, Alan”, and the letter congratulated him on being accepted to UCI. Who the hell was Alan? I didn’t bother contacting UCI Admissions because I did not want anything to do with that experience anymore. I just left it and moved on with my life. To this day, I sometimes still receive UCI admission emails congratulating Alan (screenshots will be below).

As of now, I stopped caring about what had happened, but the experience comes to mind once in a while. Despite what the school put me through, I appealed their selection decision and will be hearing from them during the summer. Hopefully, I don’t see UCI congratulating me by email before my portal updates.


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