Revamping Student Government Elections

Galileo’s Associated Student Body and class office positions have always been voted upon and elected. However, this year administration wants to try something new: to appoint officers. One of the major reasons why they are making this change is because they are trying to bring more diversity into the Student Government. For the past couple of years, most of the officers in the ASB were and are mostly Asian students, with the exception of a few. The administration hopes that by appointing and suggesting other students to the position, that more students will be involved in school affairs.

Beyond just trying to diversify student government,, Assistant Principal Ms. Arkin, also mentioned how, “most of the elections are usually a popularity contest, so we wanted to try appointing people who would not usually think about running for ASB because of this reason, but would actually be great candidates.” She also believes that “it will change the dynamic of the school and get many more students of different cultures and backgrounds involved in decisions concerning the whole school community.”

The administration decided that 8 total positions will be appointed, which are the Activities Chairsperson and the Social Vice President of each class and ASB. These position were chosen because  the administration believes students need prior planning experience to hold the position. 

This process of appointing is done through a series of interviews with the candidates, done by the administration and current ASB officers. The group goes through discussions and comparisons in order to decide who would be the best fit for the position, and also to get to know each of them.

Current students officers are somewhat divided on this new system. ASB student advisory council representative Jason Ng,who  is in favor of appointing, says, “it gives ASB the chance to get people that are outside the radar of wanting to hold a leadership position. We get to find people that we usually would not find from the regular voting process.”

However, not everyone is in favor of appointing officers. Among one of these people is ASB Treasurer Valerie Le.  She says, “it discourages some students to run for appointed positions even though they are passionate about it because they think that people who are already experienced and have been in office before are going to win.”

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