School Nurse 2.0

For the second time this school year, Galileo has a new nurse. Taking over for Ms. Vivian Tsui, who left in February, Ms. Diane Tran jumped at the opportunity, after previously hearing about the job opening from her agency,

While interviewing her for this article we had to stop while she rushed to the Dean’s office for an emergency situation regarding a student. For Ms. Tran, this is just another day as the nurse at Galileo.

“My job here has me kind of all over the place right now,” said Ms. Tran “But I really enjoy working with the students here at Galileo and making sure everyone is safe.”

Ms. Tran has been a nurse for over a year now. Before being a nurse though, she aspired to become a lawyer. After many years of hard work she decided that she wanted to have a job she felt could more effectively give back to the community and the youth.

“I previously worked at a hospital where I would tend to people who were very sick. Many of these people who were sick had conditions that could’ve been prevented when they were younger,” explained Ms. Tran while taking care of a student. “So I believe that if I help these kids early on in life with their injuries and illnesses, I’ll be able to help prevent them from going to the hospital in the future with worse conditions. It’s a tough challenge, but I enjoy helping the students in need.”

Despite being very busy working hard every day, whenever she has free time, Ms. Tran enjoys catching up with her friends and family and spending time with them.


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