Caffeine Fiend : My Addiction to Starbucks


As I am writing this introduction, I am walking to Starbucks. This is a habit I developed during my time at Galileo,where I realized I needed something to keep me focused and energized during class. I discovered Starbucks,  which provided caffeinated and sugary drinks to keep me awake. Over time, I started to develop a reliance upon Starbucks to keep me going from day to day.

Starbucks has been an essential part of my time here at Galileo, especially my junior and senior year as I would go there almost every morning before class and during lunch to get a caffeinated drink to wake me up and allow me to focus harder on schoolwork and tests. Looking back, I probably wouldn’t have passed ha\lf my tests, or been awake for half my classes without Starbucks.

Furthermore, their convenient and wide selection of foods got me through the days where I forgot to eat breakfast at home and provided me with the sufficient energy needed to get me through the day.

One memory I’ll always remember is something I slightly regret. This year when I first discovered the Starbucks app, I was obsessed with it. I could order something and they would prepare it so that I could just go and pick it up, and be in and out in seconds.

As someone with a very addictive personality, this quickly became a very regular habit of mine, and it didn’t help that I had built a reliance on the sugar and caffeine that Starbucks provided. Once a day turned into multiple times a day and yet I still always wanted more. I would feel empty without a drink in my hand, and for that reason I just kept going back over and over.

I started to order a drink or food in class and run to Starbucks as fast as I could during bathroom breaks in order to pick up my food and run back. The ease of this lead to a big decrease to both the amount of time I was in class as well as my bank account, as I was there almost every other period. In hindsight this wasn’t the smartest decision but it kept me from being hungry all the time.


Overall I think that this association with Starbucks has changed my life for the foreseeable future. It’s become a habit and something I rely on. During my time in college, I expect to be a very regular customer at the Starbucks inside the university, and will probably continue to frequent Starbucks after college as well.

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