Meet the Class of 2019 Officers

The Galileo Junior Class Officers for the 2018-2019 school year have been elected. We asked them 1) Why did you run? 2) What do you hope to accomplish? And 3) What is a fun fact about yourself?


President: Albert Lam

1. I wanted to see if I deserved it and could actually win president, but I didn’t expect it to happen.

2. I hope to appease everyone and I want to bring everyone to a dance, bring people together, and give more spirit.

3. In 3 days I scraped my elbow, got my phone stolen, and got a report card.


Vice President: Sherry Deng

1) Because it would look good on my college applications.

2) To get our class more money.

3) I like monkeys.



Social Vice: Daisha Thomas

1) Because we need a more diverse student government and for college applications.

2) To get our dances lit.

3) I like money.



Social Vice: Angelina Lim

1) Because i wanted to get the school more involved.

2) I want to make sure that the school can have more dances and ensure people can get more spirited and involved.

3) I have two names, jillian is my other name.


Treasurer: William Zheng

1) The school was struggling with money and I wanna help fix that.

2) Make activities and fundraisers that people are willing to do so we can get more money.

3) I am the fun fact.



Recording Secretary: Amy Li

1) To promote school spirit.

2) To make our class more inclusive.

3) I am BTS trash (K-pop group).



Corresponding Secretary: Christina Lam

1) I just like being involved in the school and activities and understanding what is happening.

2) I’m trying to increase the spirit.

3) I had a lock down at school because of a mountain lion.



Historian: Michelle He

1) I wanted to get more involved in the school and participate in student government.

2) I hope to show more leadership, step out of my comfort zone.

3) I like shebas.


Activities Chairperson: Benny Wu
1) I ran because this school needs to change culture and have spirit because our class is less spirited than others.

2) I hope I can accomplish working alongside other officers, staff members, and students to create a good school culture, spirit, and atmosphere.

3) I really want to go to Japan.


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