Track Ran My Life

The main highlight of my four years here at Galileo would definitely be the three years of running for the track team. The three years have been filled with fun and pain.

Prior to me joining track, I would just spend my days filled with working on homework and finishing long term projects on the first day. The homework filled days bored me but I still pushed on due to there being nothing else I had to do.

I needed an escape from the monotony of working and track became that escape from reality.

Once I joined track, I abandoned all the needs and stresses of work and was able to relax more. Track created a different world for me for which I was able to reevaluate what I could really do in life.

What made my time so memorable were the times spent with the team outside of regular practices. We would usually go to the track on the weekends to train some more and help each other out with our form and speed. The commitment they had to the team was unwavering and I am thankful for their assistance. They motivated me to try new things which ultimately bettered my life and my mood. The team assisted me in subjects outside of the sport which helped me survive my years of high school.

We would also go out to eat after every meet to celebrate a win or to make a loss feel better. We would go to an assortment of places after meets but we mostly went to get boba and some light food in whatever restaurant was close by to the school we raced at. The team would stick together through thick and thin which inspired me to do the same and stick with them through thick and thin. I learned to never leave behind those who have helped me because they would never leave me behind. I would usually go with other track athletes in my grade and other sprinters. As the years progressed, the group changed slightly but always consisted of the relay team.

Being in track helped me find a place where I felt I could be safe. I felt at home at practice and while I was running. Everything seemed natural to me despite occasional practices where I would be dying from exhaustion or injury. Feeling the wind push against me while I was running made me feel greater than my regular self. It felt as if I was flying through the air.

Track has taught me how to break past pain to succeed. Things that would be hard before now seemed simple now that I have learned of the effort that I am able of putting out in my work on and off the track. It allowed me to know that the only thing keeping me from succeeding is myself and that if I put in the work. I began working outside of school to better my skills and not restrict myself to the regular path. I became strict on my schedule and required myself to better myself every day which eventually translated into my academic studies. I would push myself to improve things in my life after seeing improvements in track.

Without track, I do not think I would have done as well in school. Track allowed me to stay on top of my assignments by increasing my focus in areas of importance. If I had never joined track, I would probably be wasting my time doing something I don’t even like.

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