Big Changes for Counseling Staff

The Galileo counseling staff will undergo a makeover for the next school year as the administration and counselors believe that the current arrangement in the counselor’s office could be made more practical, and useful for students. Instead of grade level counselors, the counseling staff will be dividing up the student body by alphabetical order, but will continue to have an AVID Counselor, which will be Ms. Bohannon, and there will still be a newcomer counselor.

The goal of the counseling staff is to balance the 9 counselors caseload to about  280 students each. Currently, there are two counselors who serve the need of particular populations and support the grade level counselors, while the grade level counselors average around 450 students. The counseling staff believes these changes will give students have more access to their counselor when they need them. Students will hopefully no longer have to wait in line, just to talk to their counselor. In addition to these changes, a new component that the counseling staff will make next year is having an official department chair that oversees the counselors. AVID counselor Ms. Marshman feels, “this change will be good because it means that counselors are more accessible to students and students will have more access to their counselors.”

While Ms. Marshman is in favor of all of these changes, she will not be here next year to see how it’s all implemented because she is going on sabbatical. After asking how she feels about leaving, she responded, “I need to leave for my own personal growth, but I will miss all the students I have built relationships with.”

As for the counselors who will be here next year, they are eager to see how it works out. Junior counselor, Ms. Chan, who is also taking a sabbatical next year said,  “All the new people are very good so next year will be a better year.”

“It’s a positive change because counselor have a chance to branch out and work with different grades and get to know other students,” said Ms. Bohannon, while Mr. Amador said,“I think it’s great. The switch will allow us to provide more services and with change there is always a mess, but I think overall it will benefit the students”

In the fall students should anticipate seeing posters, assemblies, parent letters, and presentations to find out who their counselor will be.  


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