Meet the Class of 2021 Officers

The Galileo Sophomore Class Officers for the 2018-2019 school year have been elected. We asked them 1) Why did you run? 2) What do you hope to accomplish? And 3) What is a fun fact about yourself ?


President: Jeffrey Zhang

1) To better the school and because people could look up to me.

2) To make the class one of the best, if not the best, in the history of Galileo, and to try to get everyone involved.

3) I played underwater hockey for 3 years.




Business Vice President: Ann Yang 

1) After I went to some events, I saw that not a lot of students went, so I want our class to be more fun and involved. I want to  help students know more about the events, and I believe school spirit is a strong part of building relationships with one another.

2) I hope I can help the school become a better and more exciting place for students.

3) I’m not good at socializing and am pretty awkward.


Social Vice President: Aliyah Hankins

1) I felt there is a need for diversity and wanted to make a difference in the type of change happening at school.

2) I hope to be successful in my job  to fund-raise more money.

3) I’m Chinese and Black, basically Blasian.




Treasurer: Anthony Zhang

1) I want to know more about the school process and to know more people. I’ve never been a part of school gov’t before and I want change.

2) Learn all of the responsibilities, meet new people, and dis improve everything about him.

3) I like track and soccer.



Recording Secretary: Hanen Su  

1) I wanted to be recording secretary because listening and taking notes are some of my strong traits, and I want to use them to contribute to my class.

2) I hope to help fund raise more money and to get more people involved.

3) I weighed 5 pounds at birth



Corresponding Secretary: Tiffany Dang

 1) I like doing art and creating things, and I wanted to help out my friend who is the  historian.

2) Make the school a better place and get students involved.

3) I like listening to 80’s music.




 Historian: Kah Leong 

 1 ) I want to learn how to lead something and improve my social skills, as well as bring more school spirit.

2) To promote events and to get more people to participate.

 3) I likes anime.




Activities Chairperson:  Tiffany Tran 

 1) I knew I wanted to get involved with the school, but deeper than that, the students matter the most. I wanted activities that would connect to the students.

2)  I hope to make events more fun and have more people attend activities 

3) I’m a thrill seeker and will ride all the roller coasters at an amusement part ( except the spinning ones because there’s no                                               point to that).

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