Meet the 2018-2019 ASB Officers

The new ASB officers of 2018-2019 have been elected. We asked them some questions to learn more about them: 1)Why did you run? 2)What do you hope to accomplish? 3)What is a fun fact about yourself?


ASB President: Vincent Liang  

1) I ran for my position because I enjoy this stuff


2) To create a more school spirited community


3) I can play violin really good




Business Vice President: Irene Tan


1) I ran for this position because I want to fund the school and also want to make people more spirited.


2) I want to get a great start for our freshman class


3) I am not fun



Historian: Cody Tieu


1) Because I like drawing and contribute to school events


2) Creating nice memories for the ASB Officers.


3) I like the color blue




ASB Social Vice President: Yaxuan Guan 


1) So I can get every student involved


2) I hope to accomplish different people from different cultures can learn more from others.


3) I like Korean Pop



Treasurer: Aidan Zhu


1) Because Valerie, Galileo’s current ASB Treasurer, said it was a great opportunity


2) To not lose any money


3) I was born on Friday the 13th




Recording Secretary: Cindy Huang


1) Because I wanted to promote school spirit and make change in this school


2) I hope to accomplish is to promote activities whose language is not english and be a more inclusive school


3) I was born in Hong Kong



SAC Representative: Karen Ung


1) Because I wanted to make changes in the Galileo community


2) I want to make the community closer


3) I like to draw




Corresponding Secretary: Amy Huang


1) I ran for my position because I want to change this school and help ASB and work with others.


2) I hope to help out the school and try to involve more people and help with fundraising, and get people to be more involved (pep rallies)


3) I have never been out of the country.



Commissioner of Activities and Rallies : Erika Louie


1) Because I hoped to continue and improve the student body involvement in activities


2) I hope to create exciting prep rallies and spirit days that even teachers will participate in


3) I was born in Los Angeles

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