Waving Wagner Goodbye

Beloved English teacher Ms. Wagner, who has worked at Galileo for 18 years and lived in San Francisco since 1998, has decided to teach internationally and is leaving Galileo after this year. She is moving to Bogota, Columbia to teach in the English Department at a school called Colegio Nueva Granada.

She has wanted to teach internationally because she longs for a professional change and it gives her the ability to, “travel and explore in a way that we don’t in the US,” she said. She has been looking into teaching internationally since 2005. Ms. Wagner was recently inspired to follow through with her plans when she, “had a moment of clarity, I’m supposed to be teaching internationally, it felt perfectly right,” she said.

After that moment she continued with research that she had previously done, and within two months had a job. She said, “It felt as if it has been set up by the universe.” She believes that the timing is right because she had many opportunities to grow professionally and personally in all of her years at Galileo

Ms. Wagner has had many experiences with different students and feels prepared to take on such a dramatic career and lifestyle shift.  She is going to teach three sections of an AP Capstone course called Research and Seminar as well as an AP Language and Composition course at the school.

In terms of her transition, the hardest aspects of her not teaching at Galileo next year will be, “going into so much unknown, different student population, new country, new subject areas, systems and procedures are not the same,” she said. The routine and structure of Galileo has been a comfort zone for her that she is now stepping out of. What she is going to miss most about Galileo is the comradery with her colleagues, “there have been a lot of us come in at the same time and we have all bonded and formed a family here.”

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