Bye-Bye, Bai

After 9 years at Galileo, Bai Zhen is saying his goodbye as a Lion and will be off to Portland, Oregon, with his family after graduation. For the past 4 years, he has been the Newcomer counselor and parent liaison among helping out with a number of other responsibilities at Galileo.


Having lived in the Bay Area for the last 16 years, the decision to leave the school and the area was a difficult one. The main reason he decided to leave is the housing prices in San Francisco. Bai also believes moving somewhere new will give his 2 children more space to grow up comfortably.  


Another reason Bai’s family chose to move to Oregon is because Bai’s wife has family in Oregon, which will help with the process of transitioning his family into a new environment. Bai will also take a break from being a high school counselor and plans on becoming a middle school teacher. He says, “As much as I love being a high school counselor, I realize it’s time for a change of pace. One day I am interested in becoming a principal like my grandfather, and I want to earn more experience working with a different age group.”


There are a number of things Bai will miss about San Francisco, including the food, culture, and community, but also the more personal connections he has made at Galileo. He has been heavily involved with the students and will miss giving advice and engaging in daily conversations with them. “I’m really gonna miss going to games to cheer on students and supporting the parents in all our nightly events.”


Bai feels that he is graduating along with the class of 2018 in the sense that he is going to challenge himself to do something different, as he feels it’s time for a change. Although Bai is ending this chapter of his life, he looks forward to starting a new one. His legacy though will long be remembered at Galileo.

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