Class of 2019 Senior Elected

The Galileo Senior Class Officers for the 2018-2019 school year have been elected. We asked them 1) Why did you run? 2) What do you hope to accomplish? And 3) What is a fun fact about yourself?

President: Dana Liu

1. Make the last year the most memorable.

2. I’m looking forward to having more values to have our class get closer to one another.

3. Freckled Strawberries.



Business Vice President: Minh C. Nguyen

1. It would be fun since it’s my first time.

2. I want to help out with projects that the student body have and manage business and that will help out with prom and school events.

3. I like computer science.



Social Vice President: Zubair Shaikh

1. To unite everyone and bring them closer.

2. Diverse range of people to get involved and let people be heard.

3. I love to sing.



Treasurer: Simon Tsui 
1. I was interested in Treasurer and I finally joined.

2. I want to help out our school.

3. I enjoy playing QB.



Recording Secretary: Wendy Ye 
1. I wanted to make a difference in the community and represent the Asian community and be a voice for those who are unable to speak up.

2. I hope to spark up a positive change and be a voice for those who are unable to speak up.

3. I love neurology.


Corresponding Secretary: Stephanie Yu
1. I was already part of pep club.

2. I want to encourage more people to be more spirited and help our the school.

3. Gummy bear heads should be eaten first.



Historian: Jackeyn Avalos

1. I ran because I wanted to bring changes to the school.

2. I want people to care about the school and get more involved

3. I play softball



Activities Chairperson: Meghan Balolong

1. I ran because I enjoy helping the school

2. I hope to accomplish to get the people involved.

3. I play softball

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