Diary of a Kid in the Computer Lab

What I will never forget throughout my 4 years of high school is all the mornings that I spend in the computer lab everyday before class starts. The computer lab has played a pivotal role in shaping my schedule when I arrive at school. It was where some of my friendships had started and some of the fondest memories were made. If the computer lab was never open then I would have ended up sitting outside my locker on my phone, being antisocial.

The reason that I ended up in the computer lab in the first place was because since freshman year, I have been dropped off at Galileo at 7:30 every morning.  There really is nothing to do before class starts, but since the computer lab was open I decided to check it out one day and I have been going every morning ever since.

Sitting in the computer lab became routine, but every year I learned to spend my time more effectively.  In my freshman year, I used to sit with these gamers that would always play this online game based on the an anime“Attack on Titan”.

When sophomore year came, some of my dragon boat teammates started coming late to school, so I did not get to hang with them as often and I branched out to new friends. They showed me a new game called, “Agar.io” that I really enjoyed. This gave me motive to always come to school early as I would have time to play with or against my friends in these games and have a really good time.

When junior year started, I was really lonely as all my old friends had graduated so I mainly started doing homework so that it would keep me busy. I purposely procrastinated at home the night before so I would be occupied the moment I got to school. Throughout the year I acquired some new friendships which later led me to playing games once again every morning. Enjoying the time playing games with friends really benefited me as I was able to stay awake in 1st and 2nd period (Ms. Tang’s and Mr. Tong’s).

In the beginning of senior year I still played games but rarely as I spent the time working on college applications and scholarships. It was very helpful asking my peers to help me proofread it as I was drafting it. As the fall semester was ending I was losing sleep so I later switched to getting a 30 min power nap so I would survive 1st period (AP Calc BC).

Overall, hanging out in the computer lab every morning makes me feel  very sentimental. I got to witness how people have changed over the years of high school, how people come and go, but most importantly discover new games and other skills. I was able to discover that I perform well under pressure as it strives me to accomplish something in such a short amount of time. This part of my high school career is something that I will never forget.

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